Cottontail Fiber Arts is located in Vancouver, WA, USA. While the company is new, the dyer, Stephanie, has been playing with colors on yarn for about a year. She started dying cellulose/plant-based yarns once she realized wearing wool (even superwash) left her with tiny blisters, reactive acne, or eczema patches, due to a skin allergy to lanolin.

The company became a reality when a new and local yarn store (Hook and Needle, Vancouver, WA) offered to carry her yarn, after watching her (and her sister) knit with it.

The company (and this website) are still under construction, but Stephanie is hoping that others love her colorful yarn as much as she does — because there is no way she can possibly use up the amount of dyed cotton yarn in her house!

Email: stephanie@cottontailfiber.art

IG @cottontailfiberarts